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CUES Magazine

CUES has a long history of producing publications for its members. Earlier publications were certainly of a more academic nature - the Cambridge University Engineering Society Journal often featured equations!

Today we aim to present a wide variety of engineering related articles that will interest our membership: this could be a student's account of the MIT exchange; a report from one of the various engineering related student societies; an article by one of our sponsors, associates or other company; a report of a students summer placement; or a piece of independant journalism by a CUES member who wishes to contribute to the magazine.

Michaelmas 2010 saw the introduction of a Fresher edition in addition to the traditional Michaelmas issue. The magazine editors have plans to move to four issues a year, with two further issues in the Lent and Easter terms.

Writing for CUES magazine

Do you have an interesting topic you'd like to share? Would your work placement interest others? Do you have an interest in writing for the magazine?

Yes? Then please get in contact with our magazine editors, we're always looking for more articles!

Back Issues

Some of our back issues are available to download below.

Lent 2014 Edition
Michaelmas 2013 Edition
Freshers 2012 Edition
Lent 2011 Edition - Part 1 (5.0 MB)
Lent 2011 Edition - Part 2 (6.3 MB)
Michaelmas 2010 Edition - Part 1 (10.8 MB)
Michaelmas 2010 Edition - Part 2 (9.2 MB)
Fresher 2010/2011 Edition - Part 1 (18.4 MB)
Fresher 2010/2011 Edition - Part 2 (15.4 MB)

Michaelmas 2009 Part 1 (2.6 MB)
Michaelmas 2009 Part 2 (2.8 MB)

Lent 2009 (5.8 MB)
Michaelmas 2008 (12.5 MB)

Lent 2008 (3.6 MB)

Lent 2007 (2.8 MB)

Michaelmas 2006 (1.2 MB)

Michaelmas 2004 (2.9 MB)

Lent 2004 (2.9 MB)

Easter 2003 (3.4 MB)

1954 (28.4 MB)

1952 (14.7 MB)

1938 (9.8 MB)

1935 (10 MB)

1933 (19.5 MB)

1931 (13.1 MB)

1930 (25.6 MB)

1923 (5.2 MB)



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